Critical Infrastructure Protection

Picture a world without the energy that powers our homes, the healthcare systems that safeguard our well-being, and the transportation networks that enable our daily mobility. These interconnected systems are the “critical infrastructure” underpinning our modern way of life.

Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity: A Double-Edged Sword

Quantum technology is based on the strange rules of quantum physics, which govern the behaviour of the smallest particles in nature, such as atoms, photons, and electrons. These particles can do things that seem impossible or paradoxical to our everyday intuition, such as being in two places at once, or instantly influencing each other over long distances.

DevSecOps and Maturity of ISO 27001 based ISMS

Let us start with a slightly overdrawn picture of Information Security. Why? Because it is a strange thing. Nearly everybody knows it. Most people already came into touch with it directly or indirectly.

Choosing a Virtual CISO or CISO as a Service?

vCISO (virtual information security officer) is a new type of C-level security executive aimed at helping enterprises improve their cybersecurity programs and achieve compliance. It’s a role intended to prevent or defend against cybercrime, and critical data breaches as the number of such attacks continues to rise.

Top 10 Benefits of DPO as a Service & Virtual DPO

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires every organization to comply with specific data protection and privacy regulations. Organizations that fulfill the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) requirements must hire a Data Protection Officer.